5 Steps to Take Following a Car Accident that Wasn't Your Fault

5 Steps to Take Following a Car Accident that Wasn't Your Fault

Medical bills from car accidents can be quite high. If you've suffered an injury in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you may qualify for major compensation. During a free consultation, a car accident lawyer can give you a strong understanding of whether you have grounds for a solid case. Here's a look at what to do after an auto accident that wasn't your fault.

Check for Injuries

Immediately following a car accident, the top priority is checking to make sure that everyone is physically okay. If anyone needs immediate medical assistance, you shouldn't hesitate to seek emergency help. Oftentimes, injuries suffered in car accidents aren't immediately apparent, with the shock of the collision masking the pain. If you have any reason to believe that you've suffered an internal injury, it's best to play it safe and get to a doctor.

Call the Police

Especially if the other party is trying to claim that the accident wasn't their fault, you should call in a police officer who can serve as an intermediary. The police report can provide valuable evidence for subsequent legal and insurance matters.

Gather Evidence

Assuming your physical condition allows, it could be worthwhile to snap a few photos of the accident scene. If you need immediate medical attention, it could be beneficial to have someone else take pictures of the scene that can help illustrate how the other party was at fault.

Contact Insurance

When you're able to do so, you'll want to get in touch with your insurance agent to start the claims process. However, it's worth noting that insurance agents sometimes try to pin blame on car accident victims. This is why it's important to work with a lawyer who knows how to properly deal with insurance companies.

Hire an Expert Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced car accident lawyer will make sure that the negligent driver who caused your injury will be held financially accountable. Dealing with injuries from a car accident can be a highly stressful process, but significant financial compensation can greatly help you on your road to recovery.

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Posted: December 24, 2020

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