Bike, Motorcycle, and Pedestrian

Get Powerful Representation for Your Bicycle, Motorcycle, or Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclist, motorcyclist, and pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable individuals on our roads and often suffer the most severe injuries when involved in an accident. 

Unfortunately, the insurance companies try to put the blame on these victims simply because they were not in a car.

However, Nevada law is clear that you have rights and that the rules of the road will be enforced. At Law Offices of Kenneth E Lyon III, you can consult with our attorney and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Make the Negligent Driver Accountable for Your Pedestrian Accident

Our office will make sure you are protected and that you hold a negligent driver accountable for their actions with their skillful representation.

We have been protecting clients since 1991. Contact us for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your claim.
Call us today and schedule a consultation session with our attorney.
"Ken Lyon is a very experienced attorney. He has excellent legal skills. He is a credit to our profession."

- Partner
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